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User Spotlight: S.A. Johnson Construction

For our next entry in the User Spotlight series we spoke with Darrin Harder of S.A. Johnson Construction to see how his business is using the JetStream construction software in their day to day operations.

Headshot Company: S.A. Johnson Construction
Vice President of Operations: Darrin Harder
Started: 2004
Work Type: Remodeling and Insurance Restoration

We loved JetStream from the start - it has really become an indispensable tool for our business.
-Darrin Harder, VP of Operations

What features do you use most in JetStream?
"We use both the estimating and customer portal. JetStream has cut our estimate creation time to mere minutes and its integration with QuickBooks is seamless. The customer portal is great for busy homeowners who want to stay up to date on their project."

How long did it take to learn the system?
"JetStream’s intuitive design let us start using it immediately. The folks at JetStream have been a big help in answering our questions and making sure we get the most out of the system."

What kind of support have you received since adopting JetStream?
"We’ve had all of our questions answered quickly and have even had some suggestions for the software implemented, making it an even better fit for our company."

Thanks Darrin! Anything else you’d like to add?
"Even after a year and a half of using JetStream we are still finding new ways that it can help us do business. The software is extremely intuitive and easy to work with; it’s become a big part of the way we do business."

That's going to finish this edition of our User Spotlight series! Be on the lookout for future User Spotlights as we talk to more users who are enjoying the JetStream construction software.

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