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User Spotlight: Accent Renovations

This is the first installment of a new addition to our website: The User Spotlight! Here we'll be talking to real world JetStream users to learn more about how they implemented the software into their business, how it's affected their company and all of the details inbetween.

Our first participant in these miniature case studies is Marc Chavaree, founder of Accent Renovations.

Headshot Company: Accent Renovations
Owner: Marc Chavaree
Started: 2011
Work Type: Turnkey Home Renovations

JetStream sets itself apart from other software because of its completeness...making this investment was one of the easiest decisions we've made.
-Marc Chavaree, Founder

How long have you been using JetStream? What did you first use it for?
"We have been using JetStream for nearly a year and it has allowed us a tremendous amount of flexibility in our estimating process. Because we have several clients that need a set price for certain assemblies we can customize an estimate for them exclusively."

What do you use JetStream for besides estimating?
"We use the scheduling module regularly and find that allowing the affected subcontractors and the client to see the changes in real-time creates a genuine sense of engagement."

How are your customers reacting to JetStream?
"Our customers unknowingly are benefiting because of the detailed documents we can create and customize for them. We have recently allowed customers to utilize the client portal and have received excellent reviews. Most important was their ability to see changes and communicate with us directly. "

What sets JetStream apart from other construction software you considered?
"JetStream sets itself apart from other software because of its completeness. It allows us to put anyone in our world of influence into the contacts database and group them accordingly. The interface with QuickBooks was the last and most important feature."

Can you share your thoughts on the support and training you've received?
"Most important to me as a business owner is knowing that our requests are going to be met and our questions are going to be answered. Payton, our support specialist, has been very responsive to our questions and has implemented nearly all of the recommendations we've made in new releases."

What has been the biggest change to your business since adopting JetStream?
"Since adopting JetStream the most readily noticeable change has been our internal accountability. Developing best practices for JetStream was essential to its implementation and is something we look at regularly."

Any final thoughts or advice for new and prospective JetStream users?
"I am certain we are only using 35% of what JetStream has to offer but it's the most important 35%. We are evolving nicely with adding the use of more features. If I could offer a single nugget of experience to users it would be that across-the-board consistency is key to making all parts of JetStream work together nicely."

That's going to wrap up the first edition of our User Spotlight series! Be on the lookout for future User Spotlights as we interview more businesses who are utilizing the JetStream construction project management software.

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