Online Selection Sheets

Take the hassle out of collecting selections for a custom home build or remodel job. Our online selection sheets keep everything organized in one place while keeping your homeowners on schedule.

Better Selection Sheet Management

Selection Sheet

Take the stress and frustration out of collecting customer selections with online selection sheets. Homeowners can log in online to make and approve their selections, contractors are alerted of newly approved selections and can easily track allowance overages and more. Our full-featured selection sheets allow you to:

  • Create due by dates to keep your homeowners on schedule for their selections
  • Receive notifications as selections are approved
  • Have a conversation in each selection's comment feed
  • Transform approved selections into change order contracts
  • Track overages, allowance vs chosen figures and more in a powerful Summary View
  • Save selection sheets to templates for future use
  • Excel import and export

Keeping your selections process under control has never been easier, and making things even easier? Selections are just one of our construction project management software's many features! JetStream gives you a central location to perform construction estimating, make schedules, manage change orders and communicate with subs and vendors.


Not convinced that an online selection sheet will benefit your company? Here are a few of the benefits that custom home builders and remodelers enjoy every day with our construction software:

  • Fewer late selections
  • Clear, concise allowances
  • Reduced liability and possibilities for disputes
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Time savings from a faster selection process

Your homeowners will love the convenience of 24 hour, online selection sheets, and your team will benefit from fewer late selections and an easy, fast selection process.

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