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The Importance of Tracking Leads

We've spent the past week beefing up JetStream's lead tracking feature. Contractors now can track not only leads and their associated values and correspondences but also lead sources and a variety of metrics that will help paint a clearer picture of a construction business' marketing situation.

This week's blog post focuses on lead tracking and how you can get the most mileage out of your construction or remodeling leads!

JetStream EPA Lead-Safe Kit Now Available as Separate Purchase

Contractors not ready to shell out for a dedicated construction software suite can now gain access to our EPA Lead-Safe Kit without needing a subscription! The kit contains all of the necessary forms, contracts and paperwork necessary to comply with lead paint regulations...

Read on for more details about our EPA Lead-Safe Kit.

What the Kitchen and Bath Rebound Means For Your Business

A recently released survey indicates an uptick in the size and features of residential kitchens and baths; read more about how renovators and remodelers are preparing to profit from this rising trend in this week's blog post.

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