JetStream Construction Software Entering Year Two

JetStream Construction Software Finishes Second Year, Expands Functionality

Launched in April 2011, JetStream construction software is finishing its second year of business. The rapidly adopted software for home builders and remodelers is kicking off its latest milestone with new functionality for its popular estimating, scheduling and customer portal features.

Since its launch in 2011 the JetStream construction software has been briskly adopted and implemented by custom home builders, remodelers and light commercial builders throughout the United States and Canada. With demand for the software reaching new heights, the product's makers are releasing extended functionality for some of its most popular features.

JetStream's construction estimating module is undergoing a swath of changes designed to enhance its design, appearance and usability. Users are already using the feature to automatically generate construction schedules and proposals and can expect improved integration with QuickBooks among other enhancements over the coming months.

The product's construction scheduling feature is undergoing similar treatment. With the release of a new Schedule Delay feature, users can record delays to the schedule that can be shared with homeowners through the system's integrated customer portal.

JetStream's customer portal allows homeowners to log in to a customizable project control panel to make selections, approve change orders, monitor their project's schedule and more. Users can customize the portal with their company's logo, letterhead and color scheme and can integrate the online portal into their own websites.

JetStream is web-based home builder software designed for small businesses. For more information visit

Press Release: JetStream Finishes Second Year of Business, Expands Functionality

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