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Staying efficient and lean has never been more important for home builders than it is today. JetStream is software for home builders designed to save contractors time and money in any economic climate.

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Ready to take your construction business to the next level?

JetStream is web-based construction software designed to handle all of the common concerns of new home construction projects. Home builders everywhere are making their businesses more effective with the features JetStream offers. You can use our system to:

  • Build accurate project estimates quickly
  • Save time by sending estimates directly to QuickBooks
  • Invite homeowners to log in to an online project control panel
  • Collect and approve customer selections online
  • Track and manage change orders
  • Turn finished estimates into schedules and selection sheets
  • Generate customizable contracts and documents
  • Track task completion and weather conditions with daily logs
  • Upload and share drawings, photos and contracts
  • Stay organized with project specific and people specific calendars

Our home builder software gives you all the tools necessary to start enjoying more time and more money while managing your construction projects. You never have to go it alone either - all JetStream offerings come with free training and support.


JetStream's home builder software offers a multitude of benefits to contractors looking to run more efficient, more effective businesses. These include:

  • Happier homeowners - clients feel informed and in control with JetStream's project control panel
  • Stand out from competitors - add your own logo, branding and color scheme to make your company's image even more professional
  • Saved money - no more forgotten change orders or avoidable overages
  • Stronger task management - know where subs are going to be and what they're doing
  • More precise project budgets
  • Time savings from faster estimating and proposal generation
  • Easier project management, allowing you to handle more projects at once

Built with a focus on speed and ease of use, our home builder software doesn't require training seminars or thick instruction manuals.

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