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At the heart of any successful construction business is solid project estimating. Home builders and remodelers all over the world are using the JetStream construction estimating software to run more accurate and profitable jobs.

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Using spreadsheets to perform construction estimating is time consuming, difficult and produces lots of double entry. JetStream construction estimating software is built specifically for generating fast, accurate bids in a fraction of the time required using older methods. You can use it to:

  • Generate accurate, detailed construction estimates
  • Track material, labor and subcontractor costs
  • Send finished estimates directly to QuickBooks
  • Turn estimates into project schedules
  • Automatically generate selection sheets from estimates
  • Create customizable proposals and reports
  • Save items to a central database for reuse later
  • Build estimate templates for different project types

Our online construction estimating software provides you with everything you need to save time and money when managing your next project.


JetStream offers many benefits to home builderse and remodelers looking to improve their estimating, including:

  • Faster proposal generation
  • Reduced double entry
  • Estimate anywhere you have an internet connection
  • No more accounting errors
  • Understand real job costs and profitability
  • Time savings from instant proposal and schedule creation
  • Detailed, easy to use selection sheets made from allowances

Even better, the estimating component of JetStream ties in with our other construction project management software components giving you the ability to manage customers, track change orders, assign tasks, create daily log entries and more - all in one application!

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