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Residential construction professionals are seeing an increase in business as their market recovers and many are turning to home builder software to cut costs and increase efficiency. JetStream construction software provides a number of features that home builders will find valuable in managing the home building process.

Selection Sheets

Many home builder software offerings include a feature for managing the often tedious task of customer selections. JetStream provides an integrated selection sheet that homeowners can access and use online.

Each selection item features an allowance amount, a due-by date and its options. Users can attach files like specification sheets or buyer's guides to selection items and receive custom alerts when a selection has been made by a customer.

Most importantly, JetStream will generate e-mail reminders for your customer when a selection item is approaching its due date. Moving the onus of selection management off of yourself and onto your home builder software is an easy way to save time and avoid hassle when going through the home building process.

Customer Log In

Another popular feature included in most home builder software is the customer log in, a special project management portal that allows your homeowners to view their project's progress online.

JetStream's home builder software provides a fully customizable customer log in to contractors looking to provide clients with an online portal. The home builder software can even be integrated into your company website, meaning clients get a seamless and stylistic experience.

When using this form of home builder software, customers can view project photos, download project files, communicate with their project manager and approve change orders and selections.

Contractors are finding more and more clients demanding this type of technology when having their home built. Using home builder software you can provide clients with a professional, easy to use portal that serves as a powerful marketing tool when meeting with prospective clients.

Project Schedule

JetStream's home builder software features a powerful new Gantt chart component that allows contractors to easily build project schedules with dependencies, assigned resources, critical path calculations and more. Included is the ability to share this schedule with clients.

Homeowners receive peace of mind when provided with a professional project schedule and plan of action from a home builder. Clients can log into JetStream to view a read only version of their project's schedule.

This project schedule ties into our construction estimating software which we touched on in October's blog post. Estimates can be transformed instantly into project schedules which can then be given to clients.


Home builder software, like commercial construction software, will continue to see a rise in popularity as the construction industry recovers and clients become more technologically demanding. When properly implemented it can cut costs, save time and prevent hassle when building a home.

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